Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Making Macarons

Last week, the kind people at Trusted Places invited myself and 13 others to a macaron making class at L'Atelier Des Chefs, a new cookery school on Wigmore Street.

Many people rave about macarons, especially those from Ladurée in Harrods but if I'm honest with you, I can't recall ever eating a macaron and being particularly bowled over. Then again, I've never been to Ladurée. However, I have heard that they are tricky to make and with this I went with some trepidation.

The guys at L'Atelier were lovely, and welcomed us warmly. When we entered the room, there were four different work stations, as we were making four different flavours: Foie gras and Porto, lime and ginger, salted caramel and raspberry and rose.

Myself and Josh chose the station for the lime and ginger (and then kicked ourselves for not choosing the foie gras one). We were shown each stage of making the macarons by the chef, Baldwin Stoel. He was a great teacher and very patient; although we did get told off for swearing like naughty school kids...!

There was a lot of ooh-ing and ah-ing over the various batters which were simply ground almonds, icing sugar, egg whites and food colouring. The green was very lurid indeed. Next, the batter was added into a piping bag and we were schooled on how to pipe circles. Then came the noisy part; you had to pick up the baking tray and drop them, to get any air bubbles out of the macarons. My ears were ringing a bit afterwards.

Off they went into the oven, and then we were instructed on how to make the various fillings, and finnally sandwiching them together.

Afterwards, we all sat down to have a taste of them. The foie gras ones were very rich indeed; they were sweet but also quite livery, and the flavour of the Porto coming through strongly. It was a bit mind boggling. I think we all agreed that the classic, salted caramel was the best flavour.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon. I learnt a lot about making macarons, and also new techniques, such as making piping the mixture. I haven't done much piping before, you see.

Here's a list of all the other attendees; not everyone has blogged it, but some have:

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Kavey said...

You have NOOOO idea QUITE how jealous I am! I adore macarons and was chuffed to bits with how well they came out the one time Pete and I made them!
Goodness, it's almost enough to get me off my lazy arse and start a food blog just incase I get invited to the next fun thing! ;) (But never gonna happen)
Do you know much the class costs for paying punters?

Hollow Legs said...

Hi Kavey,

It was fun! I think the classes are £72.

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed to have missed this one, I love macaroons and the flavour combinations sound great. Are you a convert yet?

Anonymous said...

Schmoof, I have had such an enjoyable time today reading all the different bloggers' accounts of your macaron-making lesson! Thanks for your interesting account. If it were not for the fact that I live so far away, I would also be so jealous of your adventure! For the lime-ginger filling, did you use lime juice or zest, or maybe both? Also, was the fresh ginger cooked at all?

Hollow Legs said...

Hi Titch,

For making the ganache for the lime and ginger, you do this:

Zest the skin of a lime then squeeze it. In a bowl, mix 2 eggs and 135 g of sugar. Add zest and lime juice and grated fresh ginger, about 2".
Cook slowly until thickened in a bain marie, remove from heat and keep whipping in order to reduce the temperature.
Gradually add small cubes of 125gr cold butter. Cool down for at least half an hour.
Paste macaroons together with the cream of lime and ginger.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about the lime-ginger ganache. It sounds very refreshing!
Titch [Can't figure out how to not be anonymous...]