Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Knife-Cut Ribbon Noodles

Have you tried these knife-cut ribbon noodles?

They look like this in the pack:

When they're cooked, they go all frilly on the outside, and they feel like they're stroking your mouth when you're eating them.


They are my new favourite. I particularly love them with Egg & Tomato Noodles, and I've also adapted Hot & Sour Noodles to fit in with this shape of noodle. 

Both of these recipes can be found in my book, Chinatown Kitchen, which you can buy HERE. It's currently half price. Less than the cost of 3 London pints! (Damn you, London.)

If you're not near a Chinatown or a Chinese supermarket, you can buy these noodles online here.

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Pocket Knife said...

One of the most in depth beginner’s review I have seen. Well done.