Saturday, 24 May 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

I don't feel guilty or ashamed about most things I like to eat (including Spam) but Cup Noodles usually make me feel a little seedy. Maybe because you eat them out of a cup, or perhaps it's because I usually eat them when hungover.

Today is no exception; a terrible hangover had me straight for the noodle cupboard. It's one of those hangovers that has me chugging the tea like no tomorrow (why oh why don't they make pint-sized mugs?) and an insatiable hunger. A full-on fried breakfast consisting of fried bread, bacon, eggs, bubble & squeak and fried tomatoes did little to help me on my way. By the time I'd waddled home from the caff it was time for round two.

Cup Noodles are infinitely superior to the Pot Noodle. Pot Noodles are horrors - with flavours like Chicken Satay, Curry and Sweet & Sour, you only need to try them once to know they're not right. Cup Noodles even have dehyrated pieces of sweetcorn, seaweed, spring onion and fake crab stick - how can that be bad?

The shame is over. I will eat my Cup Noodles with pride.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hi Lizzie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Love Cup Noodles. Although, these days, I've moved on to hot and spicy Korean noodles by Nong Shim. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to admit that I too like instant noodles! But I don't often eat the cup noodle kind - I think a lack of storage space has something to do with this. I like the Thai Mama brand and the Korean Nong Shim too. And Indomie Mee Goreng!

Anonymous said...

you'll be amazed to hear that in the new Sex and the City film Cup Noodles were Carrie's new year eve's meal of choice!

Really love your blog.

Hollow Legs said...

Hurrah! That's good to hear, thanks Kate!

I've had the Nong Shim noodles, they nearly took my head off - in a good way!

Unknown said...

You have a 'noodle cupboard'? :-)

meemalee said...

I thought everyone did

tehbus said...

Im quite proud of my noodle cupboard. Maggi, Indo and assorted sizes of egg noodles. Egg drop soup with noodles, easy comfort food.

And pot noodle do a doner flavour now, just when you thought things couldnt get any worse.