Monday, 1 June 2009

Lobsterfest At Belgo

I was recently invited to a 'Lobsterfest' at Belgo. I was disproportionately excited about it, but also approached it with some trepidation. When I think of Belgo I think of its special offer deal, whereby when you visit at a certain time you pay the number of pounds that the hour is when you order. Pretty nifty, but I wondered how this would translate to an expensive ingredient as lobster.

Soon after we arrived, the dishes started coming. Red Thai Lobster was tasty, although masked the sweetness of the lobster a bit too much. Lobster Thermidor was cheesy with a strong hit of mustard. The lobster bisque was rich and pungent. At roughtly £8, the halved lobsters provided a substantial starter.

The mains followed soon after. Whole grilled lobster served with chips was tasty, although I really had to wrestle with the claws. The Surf n' Turf option came with half a lobster and a rib eye steak slathered in garlic butter. Whilst I prefer my steaks to be a bit thicker and rather bloodier, it was an interesting combination. By far the best of the bunch was the lobster salad (pictured above). The lobster was cooked plainly and scantily dressed, whilst the peppery rocket and the crunch of green beans provided a good contrast to the sweet meat. It was prettily presented too, with the half shell as a decoration.

All in all, it was an interesting menu. It's reasonably priced, at £17 for a lobster main but I do think you get what you pay for in life. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting by the seaside, bibs on and cracking your way through a lobster on an ice platter, but this as we know is not an every day option. For a cheap and cheerful lobster hit, this does the job.

Belgo Centraal

50 Earlham Street

Covent Garden



Tel: 0207 813 2233


pigpigscorner said...

That's very reasonable price for those lobster dishes. Looks good =)

Unknown said...

Your pictures are FAR superior than mine Lizzie. I agree the lobster salad was the pick of the bunch.

Helen said...

I agree - the salad was really enjoyable. The thermidor, not so much....

Kavey said...

Worth visiting or only if one's passing?

Anonymous said...

I used to work around the corner from Belgo Centraal but never made it to the Lobsterfest, I do like their mussels though and their sausages and mash.

The salad looks good and seems reasonable too.

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, it's so nice being invited to Belgo. We've been there once and we really love the food there, especially their mussels. Would be delighted to try their lobsters out next time. :)

Simon Leong said...

mmmmm i love lobster!