Monday 28 December 2009

No Turkeys Here

We don't have turkey for Christmas; haven't done for years now. It's not a bird we enjoy eating, so we did away with it. In the past we had duck, goose and venison so this year we decided to do a classic; Beef Wellington.

I used the recipe on this blog, a Gordon Ramsey one which I tested for Olive. The mushroom mixture was studded with raw duck foie gras, for some festive cheer. Considering I cooked it alone with only gin for company, it worked out really well - perfectly rare and ridiculously rich. No dry turkey meat to struggle through in sight.

Making the rough puff pastry. It's a faff, but worth making your own

Mushroom mixture with duck foie gras

Herb crepes

Beef fillet, seared and brushed with mustard

Assembly - crepes, then Parma ham

Mushroom mixture added

Some skillful rolling

Out of the oven

Served with a rather scarily vibrant red wine sauce


LexEat! said...

Oh wow, I am SO impressed! Not only so much effort but the beef looks perfect! Am most jealous of your family!

Clearly the gin was a good idea

Diana Strinati Baur said...

HolyMoly! Very impressive indeed. As the queen of baking with (store bought) puff pastry (I think it's the Bed and Breakfast owner's salvation about mid season when oh god WHO wants to bake anymore). I do love turkey but you make this seem so, so, so much sexier.

Love you blog!

Kavey said...

We don't do turkey either... none of us really like it so why do it just for the sake of it?

This year mum got a really nice rib of beef, which was beautiful. I was ill (again, seems I've been hit by lurgy after lurgy these last few months) so only managed couple of bites but had some leftovers the next day.

Your beef wellington looks FANTASTIC!

Su-Lin said...

Now THAT's a Christmas dinner! I've never cooked turkey myself but have had enough thanks to catering at work and at former residences. No more! Bring on the Wellington!

Unknown said...

I ripped this one out when it was in Olive to try sometime. I agree turkey is over rated. Usually I have eaten far too much of it by the time it gets to Christmas. We have goose, duck, chicken and ham. Basically any dead animal we can lay our hands on!

ginandcrumpets said...

Are we moving from pickle jar pie moulds to wine bottle rolling pins? Kitchen creativity knows no bounds, and I repeat my earlier statement that your family are luck, lucky, lucky ducks. It looks wonderful.

noodlecapricciosa said...

no one's keen on turkey here either, so we roasted beef ribs instead; how did you manage to get the beef wellington so beautifully rare?It looks sooo good!

Hollow Legs said...

Lex - Gin is always a good idea :)

Diana - thanks! Sometimes life is too short for puff pastry, but when it's a special occasion...

Kavey - thanks!

Su-Lin - I had a turkey Christmas dinner at my work canteen. Made me even happier that we were having beef...

GC - Ah, nothing better than an array of roasted meats.

Gin and Crumpets - thanks! the wine bottle worked pretty well.

Noodle - it must be a knack I have! A quick searing and a mere 25 mins on 180 degrees.

Kerri said...

So much better than turkey. Perfectly pink inside too, it looks great.

Jones said...

genius idea putting bits of foie gras in the mix. Whatever I cook next I'm going to Wellington it just to try that out.