Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hereford Road

After an good few hours drinking some lovely gin, sustenance was needed. I had spotted Hereford Road on the walk from Notting Hill Gate station, and at a late(ish) hour, we decided to go here for dinner.

When we walked in I was quite taken aback. Rather than the gastropub look and atmosphere I was expecting, there were red upholstered booths, sparse furniture and simple table settings. The A4 printed menu with the date on it, indicating it changes every day. Not very surprising, considering the chef is ex-St John.

As soon as I saw the word 'pickles' on the menu, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, the salf beef dish was a bit miserable. Dry, cold and over salty, there was none of the juiciness and mouth-coating fat that I had expected. I've had better in a Brick Lane beigel. I looked enviously at my friend's generous black pudding, topped with a gloriously runny fried egg.

I had a lot of trouble choosing what to have for my main. I was torn between roasted lamb with celeriac and anchovies and a brill dish. The waiter could offer no help and told me he couldn't choose for me. In the end, the lamb and anchovies won out. The lamb was served beautifully pink, the fat enrobing it crispy and delicious. The celeriac had a hint on anchovy about it, but halfway through the dish I found it was overwhelmingly salty. Something acidic to balance it out would have helped enormously. Again, my companion chose better. I had a serious case of food envy.

We were too full for dessert and opted to finish off our wine. The staff started cleaning the place down, putting chairs on the table - I understand that people want to get home after work, but it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise, service was good.

For £37.50 a head for two courses each and a shared bottle of wine, I found it to be a bit on the dear side. It's all very well saying you made the wrong menu choices, but I don't think a good restaurant should have any duff dishes. All a bit 'meh' if you ask me.

For the other side of the table, read Chris' post here.

Hereford Road

3 Hereford Road
Westbourne Grove
London, W2 4AB

Tel: 020 7727 1144

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Ibzo said...

"All a bit 'meh' if you ask me."

I agree with that. Went here once and had a good lamb shank dish, but the rest was average and I've had better meals for less money.

The desserts are really good though, shame you had no space.

Unknown said...

Shame to hear Lizzie - my meals here have been brilliant, but I do agree that a restaurant has to be consistently good. If you dare to go again get the oxtail - amazing.

Chris Pople said...

That salt beef was an absolute atrocity. I felt like storming into the kitchen and frogmarching the chef to Brick Lane to show him how it should be done, better, and cheaper. If you can't do something well, why bother at all??

And yes, I did better on the ordering in general, but since when has it been acceptable for ordering to be a lottery? I've no desire to go back really.

Paunchos said...

Sounds a bit average. I can just picture you trying to distract Chris and nick his black pudding. Shame it wasn't a mind blowing success.

Just Cook It said...

There is no excuse for dry salt beef. Looks very sad indeed. Meh for sure

Sharmila said...

I had a meh meal here (see comment on Chris' post) and also felt I ordered badly. However, from reading your post, maybe it's not ordering badly at all, but just inconsistent? Not what you should expect at that pricing I think.

Tom said...

Interesting to see you didn't have a good meal here. I have only been once (more than a year ago now) and it was blow me away good food wise with shoddy service.

I found it (again foodwise) to be what St John should be as in my 5 or 6 meals there I have never been that impressed...

Maybe I won't travel out west for a revisit then... P:

Unknown said...

Had a very good meal there two years ago, and agree with Ibzo that the desserts are impressive. But, funnily enough, we had the same experience with staff closing up and stacking chairs before we'd finished eating.

Helen said...

They started putting the chairs on the tables - WHILE YOU WERE STILL THERE?! Oh my God. Sounds like they haven't got a clue!

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