Friday 18 June 2010

Yung Kee - Roast Goose & Century Eggs in Hong Kong

From one Michelin starred joint to the next, this time entirely different in both character and style. My mum first laughed at me when I whipped out my list and suggested we go to Yung Kee for a dinner; "I used to get my takeaway lunches from here when I was a girl!".

Situated in the busy and bustling night life of Lan Kwai Fong, it is huge. Set over two floors, it is typically Chinese in style. Large round tables, loud chatter and plain unfussy furnishings.

We came here for two things really, what Yung Kee are known for. Roast goose is surprisingly difficult to find in London; when my mum asked why they didn't do it at a Chinese restaurant, we were told they weren't allowed to and it was something to do with legalities - can anyone confirm? - so we were very excited to get this on the table. The goose with it's sweet, crisp skin yielded to a soft layer of fat and slightly gamey, extremely moreish meat. Goose is usually quite a rich and filling meat due to the bird's fat content but I could have easily munched through the entire plate myself.

Century eggs were fine specimens. Served with sweet pickled ginger, the yolks were runny and gooey, a sure sign of top quality. They didn't have that slightly off-putting ammonia-like overtly eggy flavour either, which was a relief.

A mere two dishes for the three of us would have been a bit silly so we supplemented our meal with some fried scallops served with vegetables. Nothing earth-shattering, just fine. Sweet, tender scallops atop crunchy vegetables, this concluded our meal nicely.

From what I've seen, Michelin starred places in Hong Kong are far different to our own in London. Service doesn't seem to be taken much in account; while proficient, it wasn't particularly attentive.

Poor Mum choked a little upon arrival of the bill, her eyes widened in horror. "HK$220 (around £20) for half a roast goose?! When I was a girl....".

Yung Kee

32-40 Wellington Street,
Lan Kwai Fong,
Hong Kong

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Chris Pople said...

It all sounds perfectly pleasant, but a Michelin star? I think Michelin's opinion can be safely ignored outside their comfort zones of French haute cuisine. Still can't understand why Yauatcha has a star after all these years.

Lost in the Larder said...

Those century eggs look really cool on the plate.

Mr Noodles said...

I always thought that Cantonese roast goose was rare in the UK because they couldn't use British geese (its the wrong breed) and to import the correct breed from China was prohibitively expensive. There may also be some legal reasons too but I'm not sure.

Yung Kee is an institution and one I enjoyed the first few times I went but I stopped going on more recent visits to HK. Whether this is due to me becoming more picky or their perceived decline in standards, I'm not sure.

Joshua said...

I've never had a gooey century egg. Looks great.

meemalee said...

I am drooling. I HAVE to go to HK!

Big up the century egg, one time.

S said...

lovely photos, Lizzie. sounds delish. i adore goose (and its liver, too tee hee). and a sticky goeey yolk of a century egg- sounds so good. i went to HK with my family, i loved the food, but i did find it a bit dear. x shayma

Unknown said...

I really want roast goose now I know I can't have it. Loving your HK posts Lizzie.

Helen said...

I've still never eaten a century egg, can you believe this?

Mzungu said...

Ahh Yung Kee is a must for anyone going to or returning to Hong Kong. It's a delight.

eatmynels said...

Where can I try century eggs in London?

Wild Boar said...

Ohh yeah those century eggs were brilliant. The PigPig bought some back home to eat too.

Just Cook It said...

I'd go just for the goose. Might have to pass on the century eggs though, they are my bete noir

Hollow Legs said...

Chris - it surprised me too, as does Yauatcha.

Lost in the Larder - great colour contrasts, isn't it.

Mr Noodles - that's interesting; I imagine you're right. Do you have a favourite place for roast goose in HK?

Josh - you must seek one out. Worlds apart.

Meemalee - you'd love it there.

Shayma - Thanks! It was rather more expensive than we remembered.

GC - Ah, what I'd give for some too. Thanks!

Helen - we must fix that.

Mzungu - pleased to see another fan too.

eatmynels - A lot of Chinese places have it, though usually of lesser quality and no gooey yolk. You can buy the eggs themselves in Chinatown.

Wild Boar - I imagine if I'd attempted that they'd have definitely got squished.

Just Cook It - Perhaps if you'd had one of these? Much nicer and less pongy.

Tom said...

Ok - this is now the next place I visit. The major type of Cantonese food I haven't eaten (mainly because I have good addicted to fish or beef balls with noodles).

You were only there a week right? That is an impressive array of eating btw

Katy-Mei said...

Love your blog, those food from HK makes me feel home sick... I love all of them... thanks for sharing. Mei

PS:How to add you as a friend, sorry, I still don't know how... do you believed it?

Anonymous said...

I'm really Glad i found this blog.Added to my bookmark!