Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Sportsman, A Year On

Not a lot has changed at The Sportsman in Seasalter. There's not much I can expand on from last year's visit, save that most of the tasting menu hasn't changed. Little flourishes here and there are different; wild sea bass instead of turbot on the same vividly grey sauce, a quince paste instead of apple with the above pickled herring. They know what they're doing over there, and if it aint broke then I suppose, why fix it? Here are some highlights.

God, that butter. Almost cheese like, and the soda bread was again a favourite. Treacle sweetness and so moreish.

Seaweed season is over, so this year's slipsole was dressed in butter and espelette pepper. So simple and so wonderful.

Of the lamb rump (roasted on the bone) and shoulder, the rump was my favourite. Buttery texture and crispy skin.

Pear lollies with ginger cake milk was delightful and refreshing. I need cake milk.

Some may argue that The Sportsman need to change their menu more often, but as I'm only going once a year slight variations year on year suit me fine. A little gem of a place. I wish I lived closer.

EDIT 19/10/10 - I received a very lovely email from the head chef, Stephen Harris, who wanted to clarify a couple of points. Our table was extra large (9 of us), a favour from The Sportsman to accomodate us and as such they weren't able to make the menu quite as bespoke; however, if you do visit more than once they are happy to devise the menu around dishes which you may have had before, if you want to try something new. Favourites such as the ham and the pork scratchings usually stay on (thank god - for the pork scratchings are humungously, obscenely good) but please don't take my 'take two' to show that they are not spontaneous or adventurous, as this aint so. I've had many messages declaring their love for dishes there that weren't on this or the previous year's menu.

The Sportsman

Faversham Road
Kent CT5 4BP

Tel: 01227 273370

The rest of the meal can be seen here.


Michelle @ said...

This looks lovely! If I am ever in Whitstable, I'll definitely make the effort!

Mzungu said...

I'm sold on the place. Hope to go next month or in December. Thanks.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Completely with you - if it ain't broke, don't go messing with it. It all looks and sounds fab. Especially cake milk. What a bloomin' marvellous idea.

catty said...

What is this cake milk?? I've never heard of it but somehow I want one of those things in my mouth NOW.

I don't see why they should change their menus if it's right - like you said there are some seasonal changes.

LexEat! said...

I agree with the "ain't broke don't fix it" rule, but can't help but wonder that the people creating such great food don't get a bit bored or aren't itching to try new things?

Anonymous said...

I've been twice in the last year and had quite different menus each time. The only identical dishes I had were the lamb and the pork scratching and herring nibbles.

Hollow Legs said...

Hi everyone! I've added an edit to the post now, as I was clearly wrong on the whole menu staying the same.

Still, I would eat that menu over and over again and be ecstatic with it.

Mr Creosote said...

I was in Whitstable myself not two weeks ago. And a beautiful day it was too.

You could read about it here:

Hope you don't mind a shameless plug.

Keep up the good work, excellent blog as always.

Mr Creosote.

Dan said...

Loving the look of Pear lollies with ginger cake milk! sounds obscenely good. I'll make it to The Sportsman one day.

tori said...

Have just booked for my birthday in a couple of weeks- congratulations on another fabulous post.