Wednesday 29 December 2010

Wuli Wuli Now Do Takeaway

This will mean absolutely bugger all to you if you don't live in South East London, but for those who do, the excellent Sichuan place, Wuli Wuli in Camberwell now do takeaway and they deliver. Where the delivery boundaries lie I have no idea, but they delivered to us in Peckham Rye / East Dulwich borders.

We called them while pissed on mulled cider shouting things like "something porky! Spicy! Oh and some tripe!" and they came good. 35 minutes later, smacked cucumbers, twice-cooked pork, an aubergine dish, a cold tripe and ox tongue in chilli oil dish and some Northern-style chilli udon turned up. It came to a bargainous £27 and they even threw in some free prawn crackers and two bottles of Tsing Tao. They obviously knew our faces were going to be on fire, and on fire they were. Most pleasing.

Wuli Wuli

15 Camberwell Church Street
London SE5 8TR

Tel: 020 7708 5024

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Krista from Passport Delicious said...

Love the china (Spode?) in the background. Classy...

Helen said...

Krista - I bought the china from a woman I know who sells random stuff from a garage. They were 50p each. That is all I know.

Yay for Wuli Wuli! I shudder at the memory of that hangover but it could have been a lot worse had we not gorged ourselves on Sichuan food.

Grumbling Gourmet said...

Mid Xmas holiday piss-upery.. me also. And yes it rocks. God bless Camberwell (particularly the denizens of the Hermits.. they need it most)


Samuel Walker said...

In some ways i wish i didn't know this - i already spend WAAYY too much time eating their food. At least the ten minute walk there insured SOME discipline.