Wednesday 9 March 2011

The Invasion of The Drapers Arms

I think it's pretty important to do your bit for charity; whether it's donating money or donating time, I try and do something once a year. It started off with The Macmillan Coffee Morning, which led to The Blaggers' Banquet, and most recently helping out with my friend Helen's Big Lunch in a marathon 2 day cooking binge.

So when Ollie and James said they were running the London Marathon for Action Against Hunger, I was pretty impressed. 26 miles! To raise some extra money, the lovely Nick Gibson, owner of Islington's Drapers Arms suggested we use his gaff to try and raise some money for their Marathon fund. Ollie, James, Helen and I will be manning the kitchen for the upstairs dining room, a total of 55 diners to feed.

So, on Wednesday 20th April at 7pm, we will be serving up at 4 course meal with ingredients we have blagged from lovely PR and food producers. There will be wine (and those weird things call soft drinks). There will be canapes, and a welcome cocktail.

Hints at a menu are pointing towards a terrine of sorts, followed by hogget and a nice springtime pud. £40 per person and all proceeds go to Action Against Hunger.

Buy your tickets HERE.

Big thanks to @full_beard for designing us our lovely logo.


alexthepink said...

Sounds great - I love a bit of hogget! A very worthy cause too.

Unknown said...

A bit far north for me, but good luck with it.

Lol said...

I've been following you and many other food bloggers on twitter and rss feeds for an age, are us normal folk allowed to come along or is this a food blogger only event?

Great idea and cause either way :)

Lol said...

I've been following you and many other food bloggers on twitter and RSS feed for an age, is this event for food bloggers only or can us foodies who can't write allowed to tag along?

Great idea and cause either way!


Hollow Legs said...

Lorraine - absolutely not! Open to all, do come.