Friday 17 February 2012

Goodbye, New Cross

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After 3 years living in New Cross, it's time to move on. I'm sure my parents will breathe a sigh of relief after two muggings in a year - look, one was in Brockley alright? - but as rough round the edges as New Cross was, there will be a lot of things I'll miss having in close proximity. Smokey Jerky, virtually next door was my go-to stalwart for excellent jerk chicken.

Brockley Market is really taking its stride. I visited on their opening week and only once more last weekend, which I'm kicking myself for because now I'll actually have to get a bus to get my mitts on another one of Mike & Ollie's fried mackerel wraps. Wrapped in flatbread, the mackerel is fresh and smoky. Nestled with garlic and cauliflower puree, the wrap is finished with a bundle of red cabbage, a plucking of mint leaves and ribbons of carrot. Crunch is added with a handful of seeds and it is gloriously messy, sat as I was in the winter sunshine taking huge bites and avoiding globs from dolloping onto my shoes.

Though in Deptford, I spent many a Saturday lunchtime walking over to Panda Panda for one of their banh mis, still the best I've tried in London. Crunchy pickled vegetables and a few slivers of chilli formed a base for this sandwich, stuffed to the gills with pork. Of the bubble teas pineapple was my favourite, and my friends went nuts for the milkshake options, to be made with whichever chocolate bar you choose. Chaconia's is also in Deptford and often is a time I've craved their Trini curry-stuffed rotis.

Recently, a new shop called The Allotment opened up on the New Cross Road negating the need to spend vast quantities on insipid fruit and vegetables at the Sainsburys near by. Well set out within, the fruit & veg was well priced and fresh.

Lastly, it is with sadness that I read that The Montague Arms is under threat. This ramshackle old building that once had 'COACH PARTIES WELCOME' emblazoned across its side is an absolute gem. Inside, the place is decorated with fairy lights and relics like stuffed deer heads and old diving suits. I was a regular on a Thursday night when beers were £2.20, and the Sunday roasts were homely and plentiful. The old couple who ran it were always smiling and pleasant, I admired them for their energy so I was saddened to read of their passing. Fingers crossed for the best outcome.

If you're still not convinced of New Cross' awesomeness you need to check out New Cross is Better Than New York.Also, Goldsmiths' video on South East London is worth a watch.

Goodbye New Cross! I'm only going a few miles down the road to East Dulwich but I'll miss it nonetheless.


Sharmila said...

Aww, good luck with the move! I also am fond of New Cross - well, it's where I studied when I first moved to the London. Am also gutted to hear about The Montague. The karaoke on a Saturday night is stuff of legend.

David C said...

The old couple who ran the Monty are dead? Oh god that's awful.

It's been shut the last couple of times I've ventured there but the opening hours were always erratic so I thought no more of it.

Both of them?! Well, RIP and three cheers to one of the best pubs in London.

If it does close or get done up I hope they auction the interior. I'd love some of that stuff!

Welcome to Dulwich btw....hope you enjoy it here.

Tang said...

I was sad to hear about the couple at The Montague too. My husband had a gig there last year, the couple was very nice and peaceful. Loved the decor there. I played my very first game of battleship there too :D

I hope you will enjoy ED as much as New Cross! Welcome Liz!

Mr Noodles said...

Watch out for the 4 wheel drive monster truck prams in East Dulwich!

PDH said...

Joining pram set in East Dulwich aye? Good luck for the move but lets face it you've been mugged enough for one lifetime so it's about time!

Katy Salter @ Pinch of Salt said...

That mackerel flatbread looks amazing. Good luck with your move and the many new scoffing opportunities of Lordship Lane!

Helen said...

Ah, it's the end of an era! Bring ankle pads - those buggies really nip.

Hollow Legs said...

Sharmila - Thanks! Fingers crossed for the Montague.

David C - I know, so sad isn't it :( Thanks! I hope I enjoy it too.

Tang - They were so lovely. Thanks!

Mr Noodles - Damn right. I shall be skulking the back roads, fearful for my ankles.

Pavel - I know, unnnng. Thanks! I have definitely had enough of the muggings...

Katy - Thanks - it very was. I am looking forward to a whole host of new munching venues.

James Brewer said...

Good luck with the move - I am sure you will soon find new and exciting places to visit near to where you are moving. Although, I love the sound of the mackeral wrap and The Allotment (great name!)

Shu Han said...

HAHA OMG the new cross is better than new york video had me choking. I used to stay there in my first year in uni, now I stay at elephant and castle, still not the best reputation for safety I must say, and without all that fun vibe of deptford.

Dan said...

Good luck with the move to Dulwich Lizzie! fingers crossed for no more muggings x

Panina said...

That banh mi looks amazing! I've been to London twice, but never tried a Vietnamese restaurant... now I wish I had. I do enjoy the Indian and Lebanese food in London very much, though. I'll have to make a stop in New Cross next time I visit.

Good luck on the move and I love your blog!

SE London Bags said...

Sorry you are leaving (have left) New Cross. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for bigging up my "New Cross is better than New York" rantings! x