Saturday 16 June 2012

Sausage & Egg Not-Mc-Muffin

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a sucker for a Maccy D's breakfast. Pure filth, but when you're still a bit drunk from the night before and you need to get something hot, fatty and so salty your bum reaches down for a drink when you go to the loo, there's nothing like it. There is always an element of shame attached to them, so I usually eat them on the move, trying the hide the McMuffin within the folds of my napkin as I hungrily devour it. Accompanied by a hash brown (no finer than theirs, I'll wager) dipped in some ketchup, it is a make-or-break. And trust me, I have been on the break end of the scale and yet I still love them. 

The wilds of East Dulwich don't have such an establishment though (dahling), so I set to making one of my own. This was the posh muffin, no Mc in sight. Lincolnshire sausages from the local butcher were relieved of their skins and shaped into patties, their slight herbiness working well but not overwhelming for a breakfast. Duck eggs were fried in a chef's ring to get the perfect disc shape, the yolk still wobbly and bursting forth from the toasted muffin, rendering it a happily messy breakfast. I forgot the slappy cheese - how could I?! - so instead, some finely grated cheddar for a cheesy savoury hit. McDonald's, I need never visit you again (except for your delicious hash browns. Dammit.). 

Sausage & Egg Not-Mc-Muffin

Serves 4

4 English muffins
4 duck eggs (oh fine, normal will do I SUPPOSE) 
100gr cheddar, or 4 slices of slappy cheese
5 Lincolnshire sausages
A little cooking oil

Squeeze the sausage meat out of the skins. This bit is gross and sticky. Season with a few twists of black pepper - they don't need salt. Wet your hands and shape into patties slightly larger than the muffin (as they'll shrink a little when they're cooking). Fry in a non-stick dry frying pan gently for 15 minutes (or longer, depending on thickness). Meanwhile, grate your cheese finely. Toast your muffins and butter them, then add an even layer of cheese to the bottom of the muffin. 

Oil the chef's ring so that the egg doesn't stick to it and place it in the non stick pan with a drop of oil. Wait till the ring is hot, then crack an egg into it - I had to do this one at a time as I only had one ring, so watch out for that. Using a chopstick, run around the chef's ring so that the egg white doesn't stick to it. Fry until the white is set (I hate flobby whites) and the yolk is still soft. This is easier if you place a plate or something on top to keep the heat in. Place your sausage patty on top of the cheese, then top with the egg and the top of the muffin.

Serve with napkins. 


PDH said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say I am dribbling :~)


Gene said...

You don't get that lovely yolk at Mickey Dee's, either. Looks great!

Shu Han said...

Gosh yum. A much much much better take on the mcmuffin I must say. look at that exploding yolk trickling out!

Go google hasbrowns, I'm sure you could make it!

Anonymous said...

Wow- why didn't I think of that. Amazing, come Sunday I'll be making a few of these. Great post :-)

Platter said...

The 'drinking bum' is an image that will live with me for a long time.

Hollow Legs said...

Paul - I thank you!

Gene - Yes, that's true. Mine is EVEN BETTER.

Shu - Thanks! No, I can't be bothered with deep frying hash browns for this I'm afraid...

Robert - Thanks! LEt me know how it goes.

the gannet said...

mcdonalds hash browns are ultimate.... i often just skip the mcmuffin all together. totally gonna give your version a try though...though i'd probably mess it up dramatically the morning after!

J@Feasttotheworld said...

That looks so much nicer than a McDonald's offering....and oozy duck eggs eh? Ultra luxurious!

Vicky @ UrsineCuisine said...

Absolutely filthy, in a really good way!

I stopped eating McDonalds about ten yrs ago, but I remember this was a favourite, so this is definitely bookmarked to try one hungover weekend!

Thanks for posting!

delibeli said...

Simple but effective - great blog.

Unknown said...

I am so glad someone else has done this... great idea on using the duck egg, next time I will have to try. i am thinking of moving to NX, so your blog has been very useful!