Sunday 1 July 2012


There is one weekend from 2011 that my friends still speak of with a wistful fondness, eyes misting over. It was Easter and I had forcibly commanded that they ditch their plans and join me instead to make a team for a New Cross Easter egg hunt. No, I didn't really know the person who'd organised it. No I didn't really know what was involved. They were skeptical. We spent the day with about 25 other strangers running around New Cross gathering coloured eggs, to return to various challenges, devised by Bash and Amy, before ending up in the local pub dancing our socks off. That we won the hunt is by the by (ahem), but it was declared the MOST FUN EVER.

So when Bash emailed me earlier this year asking if I could put him in touch with the Pizza Pilgrims, I sensed a fun new adventure. FORZA WIN was born. They built a pizza oven on a Shoreditch rooftop; having ascended those stairs twice I can only wince and imagine how much hard work that alone was. I went along to their family n' friends test run and they stuffed us silly with pasta dressed in a porky fennel-spiked ragu. Pizzas upon pizzas finished us off and I died a happy carbocide.

Their press night saw Aperol spritzs flowing during a sunny evening. Those same excellent pizzas were snatched up by hungry hands. Elderflower sorbets were a floral bomb to the face and blood orange granita refreshed. I was too busy having fun to take photos of the food. Sorry.

It doesn't rain in London okay? But if it were to, then they have a back up plan. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until the 29th September, book here.

Forza Win's website is here


Gene said...

Looks like a gourgeous setting. Carbocide - love your use of words, I've died that death many times and pasta and pizza are usually the culprits!

Katy Salter @ Pinch of Salt said...

Death by Carbocide - what a way to go! And there should be more grown-up egg/treasure hunts definitely. Time Out used to do a brilliant Easter hunt every year but not for last few.

Hollow Legs said...

Gene - it is very lovely. Yes, pasta is often my downfall!

Katy - what a delicious, bloated way! The treasure hunt was ace. Follow Amy on twitter for more hunt happenings.

BritGirlInNewYork said...

New Cross - *gets misty-eyed* I love London, especially MY part of south east London... Sounds lovely. Thanks for posting - I am now living in Ottawa, I wish i could taste those delicious pizzas.