Saturday 13 July 2013

KERB does Peckham - Fri 19th July & Fri 2nd August

KERB are coming to Peckham and what with it being my endz and all, I am duty-bound to share the news with you. 

The line-up is here, and there will be music and a bar serving beers and cocktails. 

I haven't tried all the vendors, but I have tried Bao and they're well worth crossing town for. I hazard that their buns, stuffed with pork and dusted with powdered peanuts and topped with herbs, are better than any I've tried - including the famed Momofuku's in New York. Their fried chicken is pretty special too. See you there!


Grumbling Gourmet said...

Darn it... it's really hot and I'm grumpy so have just penned an angry piece on the six reasons why I hate food markets ( and then you go and remind me about this, and particularly BAO, which I will of course be attending... grrrr!


MyLondonKitchen said...

I went to the Bao stall at Kerb, Gherkin on Friday and they'd sold out.. bad times :-(

Hollow Legs said...

Grumbling Gourmet - you're really living up to your moniker. I dunno - people moan that they can't get good produce, and then they moan when it's available to them. (also, hipsters? Really? A bit obvious, no?) Looks like your grumpiness is rubbing off on me...!

My London Kitchen - shame, but at least now you know where to get them next!

Terd said...

Wonder what your average Peckham resident would say about the fried chicken prices there. :-D