Tuesday 16 July 2013

Lounge on the Farm, Canterbury - 26th - 28th July, 2013

I'm ready and willing to admit that Bestival (Worstival) 2008 broke my festival spirit. The Met Office issued a severe weather warning and it hooned it down with gale force winds for four days straight. I stuck it out all the way to the end, feeling increasingly like I was in some sort of nightmare refugee camp, forcing myself to have fun. 

I'm slowly easing myself back in but I am fully aware of my own expectations. I want nice music to massage my ears with, not banging techno to make my palms sweat. I want nice food to soothe my hangover, not kebab and chips from a dodgy ol' van. 

So I'm heading to Lounge On The Farm in Canterbury. Seasick Steve, Aswad and others are playing. On the food front, the traders are local to Kent and sustainable. The farmer of Merton Farm himself uses his own cattle for the burgers served there. KERB are sending down a bunch of street food bods from London too - OFM for that hangover cure, Yum Bun, Bell & Brisket and moreThere's no telling what the weather will do but at least I won't be stuck on an island for this one.

I'm pretty excited to have been invited down there. There are still tickets available - get them here


PDH said...

Had to turn this down! Seasick STEVE for the win tho. Hope it's as fun as it looks.

Tesco Value Chef said...

Have fun. I saw Seasick Steve at Cropredy last year... year before maybe? He is awesome :) I think the problems this year are going to be more like heatstroke than rain though.