Monday 30 September 2013

Posh Breakfasting: Duck & Waffle

"WHAT?" my friend spluttered. "You've never been to The Wolseley?! Dahling." And thus, our posh breakfast club was born. We started a spreadsheet of all the lovely places in London you can go for breakfast for monthly pay day visits. Our theory is this; it's much cheaper than going for lunch or dinner on account of the booze you probably won't drink - I say probably because, really, anything can happen - and when you head into work after a proper slap-up breakfast, you feel like a champion. Until your 6am alarm clock catches up with you. 

Duck and Waffle has one of the more extensive breakfast menus I've seen. Incredibly, they open from 6am to 5am - almost 24 hours. A foggy morning, we were distracted from our total white-out of a view with plates of belgian waffles, fruit, granola and pastries going past our table. My eye zoned in immediately on the 'steak and eggs benedict', which actually was a slice of toasted sourdough, piled with braised ox cheek, topped with a couple of poached eggs and smothered liberally with hollandaise sauce. Poking the eggs so that the yolk burst out drew literal gasps at the table. The meat was slow-cooked and shredded, lightly flavoured enough not to be too full-on for such an hour. The hollandaise was smooth and tangy, one of the better versions I've tried. I was a happy lady. 

As it was my birthday, the kitchen were kind enough to send me the PBJ. Toasted brioche, stuffed with peanut butter, jam and banana, I was relieved to see the 'fat boy' option did not appear. An additional fried egg and maple bacon might have killed me. This was pretty wonderful; crunchy, fluffy brioche, a good amount of filling, and some decadent whipped cream and berries to top off each mouthful. 

After a fresh mint tea, we waddled off to work. I didn't eat again until 5pm (apart from just a little soup at lunch...).

Duck & Waffle

Heron Tower
110 Bishopgate, 

London EC2N 4AY

Breakfast served from 6am - 11am

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Blonde said...

Still not been to D&W, and desperately want to go - that hollandaise looks DELISH.

Anonymous said...

That looks great! Their smoked haddock is great too!

Hollow Legs said...

Blonde - GO! before work. It makes you feel wonderful(ly fat).

Laurence - Excellent - a reason to go back (not that I needed one..)

Unknown said...

That sandwich thing looks ruddy lovely! I wanna go for breakfast at some point and have a coffee with a cronut/dossant/whatever it's called

The Little Brown Book said...

Hi Lizzie,

I am so glad I found your blog today. Such a brilliant idea to start spreadsheeting your plans - as a lover of lists, I am fully on board with that idea, plus there are just so many places to visit. I am now on the search for somebody I can drag out of bed at 6am to join me on similar breakfast missions!

I'm working on a site called Triptease ( and I'd love to have you on board. Do you have an email I can send more details to? In the meantime, do check out the site. You can create a profile where reviews you add will look beautiful and link back to your blog post.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious, the beautiful pictures left me feeling very hungry!

LauraJHyatt said...

I've heard so many good things about Duck and Waffle, but never been. I do however ADORE your spreadsheet method. I used to have a list on word, but spreadsheet? I need to step up a gear! x
Heroine In Heels

Hollow Legs said...

Dominic - I believe the cronut is only available on Sundays, but yes - fantastic excuse to go!

Little Brown Book - Yes, quite important to be able to find someone to accompany / share dishes with. You can find my email on 'Contact', down the left side bar.

Gozde - excellent, my work here is done!

Laura - Thanks! Viva la spreadsheet.

Unknown said...

Very nice. I love it at this restaurant, I went for dinner, but intend on doing breakfast too!