Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Posh Breakfasting: Quo Vadis

The payday Posh Breakfasting continues strong into Month 2 and our chosen venue was Quo Vadis on Dean Street. Headed up by Jeremy Lee, I've been only once for dinner, though I've wobbled around their upstairs bar more times than I'd care to admit. 

A deathly hush greeted us when we arrived near opening, at 8am. Comfortable banquettes, plump cushions and white linen table cloths exude an air of luxury, and we were the only diners there for the duration of our visit. The menu isn't an extensive one, and actually looks more suited to those with sweeter tastes than mine. Coffees were strong and smooth, and the 'Kipper' at £7.50 was ordered. 

And that's exactly what turned up. A kipper, warmed on a plate. We were asked if we'd like bread with it - toasted? Fried? - and a few toasted slices of sourdough arrived for 2 of us to share. My friend's fry up arrived with, peculiarly, an enormous bundle of watercress piled on top. 

My kipper was... very nice. Probably the best kipper I've eaten. Plump, smoky, salty. A wedge of lemon wouldn't have gone amiss. 

When we got the bill, the toast offered came up as £4.50. I dunno. It seemed over the top. Does anyone eat kippers without bread? That smarted a bit. 

EDIT: Quo Vadis got in touch to make amends, as it turns out we were charged £4.50 in error - sourdough, fruit manchet, a slice of plain, a slice of rye, with homemade jam, honey and butter is £4.50, toast and bread is usually gratis with the kipper.

26 - 29 Dean Street
London, W1D 3LL


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks delicious but I'm not sure if I could have it for breakfast esp without bread! And I thought £4.50 was a bit over the top too for toast. A bag of bread is half of that price!?!

Blonde said...

I always want to love QV, but I've had a few disappointing meals there now (disappointing to the point of sending stuff back), and much as I want to believe it's better than that, I just don't think I'm going to risk it.

Also, £4.50 for toast - on the side - is shocking.

Lee said...

Jeremy Lee: great. £4.50 for toast: not great

Kat said...

Hooray for the toast being cleared up! Still I'm with Blonde: I've been to QV once, after hearing Jeremy Lee being wonderful on Radio 4, but I'm unlikely to bother again. I went for a dead early granny dinner on my own before the theatre - despite the room being empty, a table of loud City boys were seated next to me. My main course was lukewarm in parts and served on a tepid plate. They removed my glass of fizz from the bill which was something.