Thursday, 2 January 2014

Posh Breakfasting: Aqua Shard

We were nearing Christmas time. The fourth month of Posh Breakfasting needed to be somewhere special, to mark the festivities of the season. An administrative error meant that Claridges was fully booked before we got a chance to put our names down. Panic ensued. Aqua Shard came to the rescue. 

It's certainly a different vibe to the old world charm of Claridges, but you can't go up 31 floors of The Shard at sunrise and not be blown away by it. I mean, LOOK. 

We kicked off with breakfast cocktails because that is a totally fine thing to do on a Wednesday morning at 8am. Between us, we ordered the lobster eggs benedict, the salmon kedgeree and the tattie scones with kippers and black pudding, so we were obviously in a strong stomached sort of mood. The lobster eggs benedict was a beautiful thing, with plenty of sweet lobster meat hidden under a perfectly poached egg. This is no light breakfast, and I was glad I was sharing. 

The salmon of the kedgeree was confit'd so that it was soft and buttery. A fried egg balanced precariously on top of lightly curry-scented rice, and I liked the added touch of the salmon eggs too. 

Tattie scones with black pudding was a belt-buster of a dish - poached eggs came atop a slice of toast, and the smoked Manx kippers were actually within the scones itself, rather than served with it. If I'm honest it was my least favourite; the black pudding a bit too abundant, the tattie scones a touch greasy. I've never been a great lover of black pudding, though. 

Not your cheapest breakfast, at £33 a head but we did order the most expensive things, as well as a cocktail each and coffee. Service was calm and patient, perfect for that hour. I sat down at my desk at 9:30am incredibly well sated. Maybe a little tipsy. 

Aqua Shard

Level 31, The Shard
31 St Thomas Street
London SE1 9RY

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Malcolm Eggs said...

I loved this place but I've a soft spot for breakfasting in skyscrapers. I guess the £33 can be favourably compared to the £20 odd it otherwise costs just to go up to The Shard's viewing platform, where there are no eggs.

Heather said...

The lobster eggs benedict looks amazing! I think its worth the money as a one off

Su-Lin said...

That looks lush. I just need to find someone who is willing to wake up early enough to go out for breakfast with me.... oh, and who can afford it. :P

lebinh said...

the lobster benedict sounds delish!

Book Lover said...

Gosh, it looks amazing, those muffins!