Wednesday 26 February 2014

Posh Breakfasting: Honey & Co.

For some reason I started this year thinking it would be like the last - a slow burner, with nothing particularly frantic happening until at least March. I was very wrong. We've hit the ground running, and I haven't had much time to do much cooking for the blog (though Instagram followers will notice I have still been cooking - a girl's gotta eat). Indeed, all the exciting new restaurant openings have fallen by the wayside, evening hours being precious to work and sleep.

But it's easier to get up early when there is promise of a hearty breakfast. The advantage is that not everyone is awake to call you to ask for x y z before you've even got the to office, and a leisurely breakfast can be enjoyed in peace. Honey & Co. was certainly peaceful as we were one of the only tables seated, with a few streaming in and out to pick up pastries.

The breakfast menu on the web is actually more substantial than the one we had to peruse - I suspect that might be a weekend brunch - so I was slightly disappointed when I discovered Shakshuka would not be available to me. But, no matter, for my Merguez sausage roll, warm and flaky from the oven with a hard boiled egg and a side dish of pickles was more than an ample start to the day, especially when smothered with the fiery harissa sauce. My friend's pizza-like bread (opening picture) topped with spinach and a soft egg came with a labneh I continually stole for myself. A coffee was strong and smooth, while a fennel and lemon tea to finish with revived my stuffed self. 

Honey & Co. 

25a Warren St.
London W1T 5LZ

I've been here for lunch too, and it is excellent. 


Helen said...

Fuck my hat, look at that sossidge pastry! OOF. What a glorious beast.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic comment Helen. Gordon does something with Merguez sausage inside croissants. Tried some of his other breakfast ideas (all good). Great to hear of breakfast places in London, always needed when I visit. Easier to find dinner and lunch.

Insatiable Eater said...

I wish they'd change the website menu - I expected glorious shakshuka too but settled for the sausage roll too. Don't think I got the full H&Co "experience".