Monday, 14 April 2014

Posh Breakfasting: The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

There's no denying that the menu at The Modern Pantry is intriguingly 'fusion'. Classics such as fruit salads are jazzed up with lime and rosewater syrup, and strong Asian flavours, like yuzu, sit side by side with curry leaves and halloumi. On the day we visited for breakfast, something seemed to have thrown things off kilter - staff were rushing around the place, we had to share a menu for a while, and flagging anyone down for a coffee was difficult.  

But no real harm done. Our Vegetarian asked for the sweetcorn and feta waffles to come with an egg and yuzu hollandaise to replace the advertised bacon (above) and was hoovered down quick smart. My own sugar-cured prawn omelette was attractively bronzed and fluffy. The chilli sambal was smoky and rich, just the right amount of heat for a breakfast dish. I loved it - it's something I can tell would blast a particularly gnarly hangover out of the water. 

Service issues aside, I really enjoyed breakfast at The Modern Pantry. The space is bright and light, mostly made up of greys and whites. I did have to sit with my coat on for the duration of the meal as it was a little draughty, though. 

The Modern Pantry

47-48 St John’s Square
London EC1V 4JJ 
020 7553 9210

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7 comments: said...

This sound delicious.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Sugar-cured prawn omelette sounds like a brilliant idea!

Steve said...

Have you been promoted at work or something? I use to quite enjoy your reviews, but over the past few months or so, I kinda get the impression you've been phoning them in - quite literally; they read like you knocked them on your phone on the tube back to the office. When are we going to see a return to form?

Hollow Legs said...

Ouch, Steve. I'm sorry my post hasn't been up to scratch. I have been extraordinarily busy, yes. I will endeavor to write better next time!

Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

I was attracted to Modern Pantry's by its interesting menu. I love the sound of yuzu hollandaise!

LIANA said...

Yum! - to this post.To Steve's post: ouch indeed!Do you write a blog Steve (if so - haven't heard of it...have been reading this one for a while though).If you do write a blog - would love it if you posted a link so that Lizzie's audience could read and compare (since you have firm ideas on what 'quality' is).If you don't wrote a blog : suggest you try that level of commitment first before putting down the efforts of another.Love the blog Lizzie.Please keep posting.

Joe @ One Handed Toast said...

I'd love to try this place out. Just enough of a twist to make the food really appealing. Seeing those waffles is enough of a hook for me. I think this blogpost has a stylish economy to it. It's important to see the negative comment above as not reflective of this post at all. And with the twitter kerfuffle mentioned in your previous post, you deserve bette.