Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Special Report: Brunching in Amsterdam

I can't say I spent much time in Amsterdam exploring all the best restaurants - I was there for King's Day. The first of its kind, previously Queen's Day, the day is to celebrate the Monarch's birthday. The people of Amsterdam take to the streets, dressed in orange. Sound systems pump out techno, others strange Dutch folk music and all day and all night the party goes on, so the following day, as you might expect, we were feeling pretty ropey. 

A refreshing 20 minute walk got us to an absolutely rammed Staring at Jacob. The waitress told us we'd be better off coming back around an hour later to seat us, which we were only happy to do; after having been told tales of the fried chicken and waffles, and now having glimpsed them wafting past on a plate, nothing else would do. We went round the corner for beers. Upon our return, I went to ask about a table and was told they were closing, having been very busy previously. My Rage Face went on. I protested, I stomped out. My rather more charming friends sidled in to try their luck, flaunting a birthday and we were seated shortly after, and told only certain items were available. 

The chef, an American guy complete with baseball cap came to take our orders and to tell us what we couldn't have. He promised to rustle me up some fried chicken. The situation was diffused. We got stuck into some prosecco cocktails. The chicken was crisply fried, the insides tender and juicy. Waffles were a little stiffer than I'd have hoped for, but I couldn't really complain. A perfectly poached egg nestled in between, and though you might think the maple syrup drizzled over it would be odd, I disagree and asked for extra syrup. It was everything I had hoped for, that I'd spent the morning tormenting my hungry self over thoughts of. 

My friend, ever the sugar fiend, ordered the french toast with bacon, and a side of pancakes. The bacon was flung to one side, discarded onto someone else's brunch and the pancakes slapped on top. A sugar lover's dream. 

All thoughts of nearly losing my shit over severe hunger-anger had dissipated, and I loved Staring at Jacob. Great staff, an excellent playlist and delicious food nursed us through our delicate time.

Staring at Jacob

Jacob van Lennepkade 215
1054 ZP Amsterdam

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Michelle - Very Hungry Explorer said...

I was wondering where we would eat during our next trip to Amsterdam - but now I know.

The chicken and waffles look incredible.