Monday 2 June 2008

Steak Out

I'm not much of a potato fan. Sure, I love Daphinois potatoes, chips, fries, crisps, mashed potato, hash browns and the rest, but sometimes I just don't love them enough to be bothered to make them. This steak dinner was a classic case. I came home ravenous and surveyed the fridge - I had all the necessities, but none of the motivation to be peeling, slicing, or frying; nor the patience to be waiting for it to cook!

I'm a committed omnivore, it must be said. A brief foray (3 months) into pescatarianism when I was 14 confirmed that I didn't want to be without meat, besides which steak has to be up there on the list of satisfying meals. I'm always nervous of ordering it when I'm out as seldom places get your cooking request (rare) right. Home-cooked steak is the way forward. Similarly, simple is best. As nice as they are, I can do away with all those red wine reductions, BĂ©arnaise, peppercorn or Diane sauces. Just a pat of Dijon mustard is good for me. How do you like yours?


Ros said...

Oh, I love steak done so many ways (providing it's rare of course), although I'm not a fan of the red wine sauces either. Marinated in garlic, herbs and olive oil with a herb butter is good. Bearnaise is amazing. I'm a bit lost without potatoes though- I can't resist home made chips.

Pete said...

Ribeye. Rare. Bearnaise. French Fries. Happy.

Anonymous said...

The only kind of steak I don't like is tartare, everything else is just fine with me.

Am loving your work with the griddle pan, looks so professional :)