Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sichuan Chilli Oil

This was made more out of mistake than anything else; I absently put far more Sichuan peppercorns than I should have done, but what resulted was a seriously lip tingling spicy oil, perfect for dipping your Chinese new year (or otherwise) dumplings into.

Speaking of which, I followed in Josh's lead and did away with making my own dumpling wrappers and using shop bought instead. While they worked well with boiled dumplings, they didn't fare so well with the war tip (potsticker) variety. The bottoms, supposedly crisp while the rest of the dumpling is steamed, were fine but the steamed parts were hard and chewy. It was also nigh on impossible to fold pleats into them, so they became crescent dumplings.

However, in boiling the dumplings it was a different story. They wrinkled up a bit like won tons, but the dough held their contents well and when mixed in with a little chilli oil, soy and black vinegar they were positively delicious.

Sichuan Chilli Oil

Makes a jar

1 heaped tbsp Sichuan peppercorns
200ml peanut oil
4 tbsp chilli flakes
4 dried chillis

Soak the peppercorns in cold water and then drain. Heat the peanut oil in a small saucepan until shimmering, then CAREFULLY add the peppercorns. They will spit a lot - wear long sleeves. Turn down to low and add all the chillis.

Cook gently for 15 minutes, then take off the heat and leave to cool. Leave overnight, then at this point you can either strain it for clear oil, or keep the bits in for a bit of sediment. It should be good and spicy by now.

Mix with soy sauce, matchsticks of ginger and Chinese black vinegar for a good dumpling dippy sauce.


Jonathan said...

Ouch. That sounds so spicy that I think I wouldn't even be able to tell it was spicy.

Jingan Young said...

My mum just sent me a huge jar of this stuff! =) love the post

Food For Think said...

Mmmm, I made dumplings once at a cookery school class that I went to and they were delicious. Don't know why i've never made them at home.

I'd like to give these a go though.

The photo of the jar of Sichuan Chilli Oil looks amazing.

Food Urchin said...

I've got an unopened bag of Sichuan peppercorns at home so might give this a whirl.

Question though, just how much ring sting are we talking here?

Mr Noodles said...

From my rare forays into dumpling making, the 'white' dumpling wrappers are better for 'war tip' (potstickers) than the yellow ones (were they wonton skins?) you used.

Mind you I'm fat-fingered so the resultant dumplings still turned out a bit crap when I last tried to make some.

curele transmisie said...

Many recipes were first made by mistake so I guess yours is one of them. But I can’t wait to try it with some dumplings. By the way, the dumplings look great. Thanks for sharing.

tori said...

Some of the best things come from muck ups. That sounds lip tinglingly good...

Hollow Legs said...

Jonathan - it was lip tingling alright.

Campari - It's lovely stuff.

Food for think - thanks!

Food Urchin - we're talking toilet roll in the freezer style.

Mr Noodles - Nope, they were the white dumpling skins, round.

Curele - thanks!

Tori - Oh it tingles the lips, alright...

S said...

i didnt know this was such a simple condiment- my mum is going to love you for this- i shall make it for her. x shayma

Kitchen Stools Direct said...

Looks absolutely delicious!