Friday, 13 May 2011

Barbequed Prawns

I think I'm on barbeque number 7 of the year already. We definitely like to grill our food; not many weekends have gone by recently that I haven't gone home reeking of smoke.

It can be a little tricky after a while to think of something imaginative to take. I don't really go in for the whole burger and sausage affair, preferring more exotic concoctions, like grilled pineapple salsa or stuffed squid. I stood staring blankly in the aisles of the supermarket before it dawned on me; some skewered prawns would be perfect. I abandoned the place and scored myself a kilo of prawns for a tenner down the local Chinese supermarket.

I made two different marinades, both very different. The first consisted mainly of chipotle en adobo (recipe here) but with an added onion, more garlic and a couple handfuls of dill. The dill seemed an odd choice but it gave the prawns a nice grassy and citrus flavour. You must eat them messily with your hands and a roll of kitchen paper, as it's the shell with the majority of the flavours that you lick off your fingers.

Chipotle Prawns

500gr prawns, shell and head on
4 tbsp chipotle en adobo
1 white onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt
A large handful of dill

Set the prawns aside in a large bowl and whizz up all the ingredients for the sauce. Mix together with the prawns and leave overnight or for as long as you can - I did 3 hours and it was fine. Skewer onto wooden kebab sticks that have been soaked in water for an hour or so, and barbeque - they only need as long as they turn pink.

The second load were far more Thai-inspired. A combination of lime, fish sauce, fiery chillis and coriander ensured they packed a punch.

Thai-style Prawns

500gr prawns
5 cloves of garlic
3" of ginger
4 tbsp fish sauce
1 onion
2 handfuls of coriander
2 limes
1 tbsp sugar
4 red birds eye chillis

Whizz up the fish sauce with the ginger, onion, garlic, chillis and sugar. Squeeze in the lime juice and then whizz again with the coriander. Coat the prawns in the marinade for a good 3 hours, then skewer and barbeque.


Deptford dame said...

The thai prawns in particular look tasty! My fave bbq offering is cubes of swordfish marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and curry powder overnight, then served as kebabs.

Casino Bonus said...

Sea foods is one of the best thing for outdoor and family gathering it is always synonymous to that..thanks for sharing..

Mzungu said...

I'm hoping the bar-b-q season continues well into September .....

Pavel said...

These look AMAZEBALLS (sorry he he) but seriously I'm totally going to steal this next time we barbecue!!!

Cook in a Curry said...

This is so my kind of food Liz. Love the addition of Dill too. Must try for sure this summer. For me the spicier the better:)

thelittleloaf said...

Both of these look incredible, will definitely be trying out very soon (once I've actually managed to get a BBQ - feeling a Sunday trip to Homebase coming on...)

Leigh said...

Wonderful, lovely Prawns. Wow, they look great.

OkiHwn said...

The prawns look great! Gotta try!

S said...

fark- sorry, these are too good. x shayma

Jonathan said...

It's all about leftfield BBQs - when everyone else is burning sausages and burgers, bring out the squid, mackerel, marinated prawns etc. These look fantastic. Especially the chipotle badgers.

CalzoneCalzone said...

Quick one - Did you de-vein the shrimpers?

Hollow Legs said...

Calzone - Nope, couldn't be bothered when doing a whole kilo of them. I don't remember the veins being a problem...

Lån på dagen said...

That marinade just looked to good on those prawns!