Saturday 7 May 2011

The New Cross House


Inside - very Capital Pubs-esque

Buttermilk fried chicken


Enormous pizza oven


Beer garden

Inside at the outside beer garden...

Upstairs of the beer garden

Capital Pubs have done it again; in what seems like yesterday since the Meateasy closed, they've transformed the desperately grimy Goldsmith's Tavern into a sleek new outfit. In our sneak preview, we saw that wallpaper to mimic original tiling decorate the walls. Booth seating, seen in many Capital Pubs, line one side of the pub and an enormous pizza oven sizzles thin-based pizzas that I know I'll be stuffing myself with in the future.

But perhaps the best bit (especially for a dirty smoker like me) is outside; plenty of seating on the patio decking and a wood burner to keep people warm. Upstairs in the mezzanine is like being on holiday; ivy frames the window frames and sun spills onto the wooden frames.

Time will tell what the atmosphere will be like; predominantly student-heavy, from nearby Goldsmiths? Yummy mummy Brockleyites? Local young professionals, like me and my friends? An amalgamation, I imagine.

Opens MONDAY 9th MAY 2011.

New Cross House

316 New Cross Road,
New Cross,
SE14 6A

Deptford Dame reports here.

Brockley Central reports here.


Andrew said...

Been hearing a lot about this place; worthy of checking out it seems.

Loving that photo spread especially the third one down, so evocative.

Leigh said...

Looks decent; handsome-looking Pizza and Buttermilk Fried Chicken is not something you see a great deal of in the mainstream over here. it goes 'on the list'...

Terd said...

Looks OK. And New Cross surely does need it. Next place to be lapped at by the gentrification wave - Deptford.