Sunday 3 July 2011

Chaconia, Deptford

I'm a bit of a lurker over at Chowhound, the food message board; I don't often have time to post, but when I remember I dip in and out and although a lot of it is made up of tourists wondering where to eat in London, you can pick up a load of good suggestions. It was there I first heard of Chaconia, a Caribbean (or, more specifically, Trini) cafe in Deptford. Being a mere 15 minute walk from home to me, I had to visit, especially as the words 'best roti in the UK' were used.

Without a website or any ideas about opening hours, I chanced my luck and headed for 12pm. Alas, it was closed. I meandered around the high street for a bit taking in the stalls of Deptford Market that line the high street, and on my way back, around 12:30pm it was open. So I'd aim for 1pm. A lovely woman behind the counter welcomed me warmly and I ordered a potato and spinach curry roti.

As the lady was making my order, she explained to me that everything is freshly made on the premises. When I told her the compliment I'd read about the roti, she beamed with pride. Made into a wrap, the package was then wrapped in greaseproof paper and popped in the microwave for a few seconds - "roti has to be PIPING hot!"

Soft, chewy roti wrapped gently spiced potato and spinach. Cooked with plenty of cumin seeds, the roti meal was deliciously fulfilling. Make sure you ask for the pepper sauce, as the home-made luridly orange sauce was as hot as hell, the fruity scotch bonnets shining through in the dominant flavour. A cup of sorrel, which the lady told me was made with hibiscus and cinnamon, tasted fresh and fruity without being too sweet.

"Make sure you come back for goat! I make good goat. No pressure cookers." I am excited about next weekend's lunch already.


26 Deptford High Street
London SE8 4AF

Tel: 020 8692 8815


Miss Caipirinha said...

Never heard of this place but sounds interesting. You must try Cocoreef/ Jouvert (currently changing their name) in Catford - 5 Eros House. Quality food & goat/chicken roti to die for. For me the only place outside of Trinidad to eat roti.

Gin and Crumpets said...

I saw this on Chowhound as well and the whole thread made me think that I really need to start eating in Deptford more often. Looks and sounds great. What is the pineapple stuff in the tub? Did you follow the labels advice and try it?

Helen said...

ooh RIGHT UP MY STRASSE! Will check it out. Cheers Mabbers.

Chris Pople said...

Looks great, and I definitely want to try the goat.

What's in the jar? Something pineapple something?

Dan said...

The Pineapple stuff in the jar is Pineapple chow, a home made peppered Pineapple which is a surprising mix of sweet and lightly peppery.

I hear a website is coming soon btw...!

Catherine said...

Was in the area so I stopped by yesterday to see if they had any channa rotis. None were available so had a delicious macaroni pie, which was draped with gravy. Tried the hot sauce on the side which is indeed very hot. Also had a cup of the red sorrel drink made from hibiscus, not sorrel leaves like the tea usually is, and loved the flavour. Could really taste the cloves. The woman who owns it is lovely. She said they do have a website now and that she wants to start doing Sunday lunches/brunches. Really wish Chaconia was closer.

Hollow Legs said...

Catherine - macaroni pie sounds AWESOME. I will have to pop by for it; thanks for the heads up. I too wish Dulwich -> Deptford was easier!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this place last week.So...clean and the owner is so warm/inviting so I decided to dine in which I never do. Had a small chicken roti and bite sized saltfish accra.Lovely
She does all Trini delacacies fom my childhood. Will be returning