Sunday 6 November 2011

Hot Chocolate

I don't get excited about chocolate much, so I was fairly nonchalant when Nudge PR asked for my address to send me some chocolate during Chocolate Week, some weeks ago. A good kilo of chocolate turned up from places like Rococco, Amadei, William Curley and even Thorntons. What took my attention though was Sir Hans Sloane dark chocolate beads, to make drinking chocolate.

You add hot milk to the chocolate beads, stir like crazy to melt them and you have a smooth, deeply chocolatey drink unlike any other hot chocolate I've tried. Most on the market that I've tried are weak and thin, but not this. A good slug of brandy helps give it a bit of pep. I love hot booze.

I used two teaspoons per cup and a shot of brandy - no sugar required. It's not cheap at a whopping £10 per 300gr tin but it's a smashing treat, especially as the weather gets colder.


PDH said...

Fuck yeah! Love hot chocolate, hotel chocolat's dark chocolate and chilli is pretty special as well to this looks like it's taking it to the next level.

Tesco Value Chef said...

This looks really good!

Years ago, when I was working in a cafe, we made hot chocolate by adding Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons to milk and heating it with the steam nozzle on the espresso maker until the chocolate had all melted. I imagine these are similar.

Chris Pople said...

Sorry what's this, you had brand and hot chocolate WITHOUT ME??

The Greedy Fork said...

Seems like ages since I last had hot chocolate. I feel the same way that most are weak, and I find them too watery.
Going to keep an eye for this or something similar.

Hollow Legs said...

Pavel - Ah yes, there's a sachet of that in the box. I'll give it a go.

Tesco value - I imagine this is very similar, though more chocolatey as you start off with the dark stuff.

Chris - it was a girls weekend! Honest!

Gary - this one is definitely not the watery sort.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had the Charbonnel et Walker chocolate flakes? Pricey again, but so so good melted in hot milk.

Hollow Legs said...

Sam - no, never. I shall look them up. Flakes sound easier to melt than beads.

Mita said...

These look so good!!