Tuesday, 15 November 2011

That Doughnut

It's hard not to think of vulgar or obscene things when you see these plum jam and custard doughnuts - look! They look like they're spewing! But they are one of the very best things I've eaten this year.

I never much liked doughnuts; they remind me of a brief teenage time I spent in Ipswich, biting into grease sponges fried in whiffy old fat from carts that lined the high street. Krispy Kremes make me feel sick and give me a toothache. But these, at Hawksmoor's new Guildhall branch, are light and fluffy, the cold custard and jam a welcome smooth contrast.

Oh, and my 250gr ribeye with an egg and hash browns was pretty damn sexy, even at 8am. What a breakfast to start the week. I only wish I didn't have to go to work that day, or I'd have gotten right stuck into the Bloody Mary buffet, or some breakfast cocktails, or a cornflake hardshake; nothing like a slug of bourbon to wake you up.

Hawksmoor Guildhall

10 Basinghall St.

Tel: 020 7397 8120

I dined as a guest of Hawksmoor. But I've also eaten at other Hawksmoors several times on my own dollar.

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Kavey said...

I went for the same - steak, eggs and hash brown (singular in my case, glad to see two there), followed by doughnut (which was pretty darn fab). No work so I did have a cornflake hardshake. Oh yes.


I'm loving your custard dougnut porn.

The Grubworm said...

The donuts do definitely look good, and it's handy to know that they taste as good as they look as well. I'm not usually a big fan - like you, I find Krispy Creme's a real headache inducing turn off.

That rib eye looks fine as well, the egg perfectly fried with a decently thick white and runny yolk.

Chris Pople said...

I fixed that first picture for you. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-85WWucDOOzk/TsJnlG1DeMI/AAAAAAAAFXw/W5lAo3yTxxE/s1600/donuts.jpg

Mariya said...

I happen to have a bit of a love affair with fresh donuts...and those look particularly delicious.

Hollow Legs said...

Kavey - I am definitely going back for that hardshake!

Grubbers - the dish actually comes with two eggs but I asked for one only as I'm a wimp ;)

Chris - Thanks! Perfect.

Mariya - Do try. I hear they do marmalade ones too now...

Nicole Gamble said...

Great post! Everything looks and sounds delish! I’m thinkin I want to try everything. :)

Leigh said...

WOW - jesus, all that looks good!

Charlotte said...

Gotta say, I love Krispy Kremes. Total addict. But even I couldn't face them at 8am... mind you, not sure I could face a ribeye at that time either! Still, it looks damn good right about now. Mmmm.


Dan said...

Those doughnuts are frigging epic, especially the marmalade one.

Hollow Legs said...

Nicole - take a big appetite!

Leigh - It was SO good.

Charlotte - 8am steak is surprisingly easy, give it a go ;)

Dan - I'm not a huge marmalade fan but I imagine this might change me...