Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ganapati Takeaway

You'll have to excuse the incredibly shit picture. It was Sunday night and I was trying to shovel my takeaway into my face as rapidly as possible. But the reason I'm sharing this with you is because South Indian Peckham stalwart, Ganapati, has opened a little takeaway shop and lo, they deliver. Happy, happy days. 

The biriyani special (chicken, that time) comes with poppadums, dal, raita and pickle. It's humungous - we ordered this and some samosas and that was the two of us sorted for a mere £18. I'm sad that the excellent curd rice isn't on the takeaway menu though. I'm baffled that takeaway poppodums and pickles are 30p more expensive than eat in. But, no matter, because Ganapati is bloody excellent.

Delivery to the following postcodes: SE1 . SE4 . SE5 . SE8 (part) . SE11 . SE14, SE15 . SE16 (part) . SE21 ., SE22 . SE23, SE24 . SW2 (part) . SW8 . SW9

The menu is here
0207 642 5566 


Anonymous said...

Oh nice one! I'm always after a good authentic Indian place, just like Grandma makes. Looks like they deliver to me too, yippppppppeeeeee

meemalee said...

Ahahahaha - my in-laws are SE14 - YES! *punches air*

Helena Lee said...

This really is the best news - Ganapati need to spread their love. Although I'll have to pop to yours to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly my experience of the take way has left a bad taste in my mouth based on the attitude of the lady who took our telephone order. If it wasn't for my friend, I personally would have terminated the order. The lady was rude, impatient and unfriendly when asked for advice regarding an alternative option to my order when I was informed that my choice was no longer available. I was told to hang up, look on the website and call back because I was holding up the phone line. Not wanting to do this I quickly made a choice but was very disappointed when it arrived. I dwelt as though the dish tasted burnt, but, never having that dish before I don't know what it should taste like, needless to say, I won't order a take away again. Sorry.