Friday 15 May 2009

Help! Any Lithuanians out there...?

So, I'm taking part in Eating Eurovision. The premise is that 25 food bloggers pick a country each (from a hat, I hasten to add) and off we go, in search of food experiences.

I picked Lithuania.

Here's my plea for help - do you know any good Lithuanian restaurants? A secret (or not so) Lithuanian community? A good bar where Lithuanians hang out? I have to go tonight so speedy answers are much appreciated!


bellaphon said...

I was going to mention Regina, my Lithuanian cleaner, somehow she decamped ten days ago. Must be the weak pound...sigh. She once told me potatoes weren't just an Irish thing.

Karin Holloway said...

I think something weird just happened to my post! If you'd like some really good Lithuanian recipes email me at :-)